Promotional video:
'You're Welcome Here', New Unity

Produced for New Unity, 2019

In 2019, I worked with Alex Glynn to produce a series of promotional videos for New Unity, a non-religious church in

north London. We sought to create something which captured the warm and welcoming atmosphere that the community has, and would invite people to explore it for themselves. To do this, we produced a series of videos - a longer promotional video, and six shorter interviews with members of the community sharing their personal reasons for attending. 


'From idea conception to finished product, Alex and Tim were conscientious and hard-working. They both have professional, friendly and warm manners – and they excel at assisting people to become comfortable in front of a camera. The video they produced will be very helpful for our communications and fundraising projects. We would highly recommend them to others.'

Nick Toner
Communications Manager, New Unity

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